Sedar Franchise

Franchise in South Africa


Our Master Franchise Offer With The Price

Country Master Investment:1.6 to 3.2 Million USD
Length of contract:25 years
ROI Year 5:96%
Flagship Showroom:1,000 m2 to 1,500 m2

Now, with a powerful and trusted brand, quality products, and a highly focused franchise system, Sedar is poised to transform the window fashion.

The Sedar complete franchise is a hybrid model. It dynamically integrates several business units with a world-class franchise system. There are five operational platforms:

  1.  Retail showroom,
  2.  Production factory,
  3.  Logistics, Installation, and Customer Service,
  4.  Head Office Administration,
  5.  Operational Excellence; based on Lean, Kaizen, and 6 Sigma standards.

In addition to field support, members of Sedar organization will provide the services listed below:

  • Operational Support: Sedar Management will provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of the franchisee’s business, including unit operations and maintenance, customer-service techniques,product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.
  • Site Selection: Prior to approving a site for Sedar outlet, Sedar Management will provide franchisees with clear guidelines for a suitable location. Sedar will require franchisees to follow these instructions to ensure that an appropriate site is located.
  • Marketing Support: Sedar Management coordinates development of advertising materials and strategies for the benefit of all members of the franchise network. It also supply franchisees with directions to create a marketing plan, as well as materials for use at the local or regional level, and retains the right to approve all local advertising materials that the franchisee chooses to develop.
  • Purchasing: Sedar Management or its affiliate negotiates quantity discounts on behalf of all its members, and passes savings to the franchisees.
  • Accounting/Audit/Legal: Reporting directly to administration, this department is responsible for the financial and legal oversight of franchisees.
  • Ongoing Research and Development: Sedar Management continues to research methods and techniques for franchise operations (including purchasing and promotional schemes) that enhance unit-level profitability.
  • Overall Program Oversight: Sedar Management provides the overall coordination and planning for the Sedar franchise system.