Original People Franchise

Franchise in South Africa


Our Master Franchise Offer With The Price

Country Master Entry Fee:60.000 €
Length of contract:5 + 5 years
Master Royalties Fee:8 %
First investment required:Home Office

Original People was originated in Sweden by a group of innovative entrepreneurs.

Sticker decals are today a huge trend in the USA, Australia, South Africa and Dubai. Family stickers started to show up on cars in Idaho in 2007.

Around 2009 the trend was spread to Australia. And now is the time to spread them to new countries.

For most people the family is very important. And also personal branding. With our sticker decals you get both. Increase awareness in traffic. Show your fab family with a decal on your car. And at the same time increase their security. The decal remind the other drivers that there are a family in the car, which make them keep distance.

Personal branding, Show your personality, interests and what you stand for via a cool sticker on your computer, tablet or mobile. Be proud of who you are!

The company started to focus on sales via mainly SEO and marketing on-line. Original People has launched several key strategic initiatives which are making “Original People” one of the leading vendors within high-quality sticker decals, in the various countries in which the firm operates today.

Our sticker decals are totally unique. Every person, every family can design their own personalized decal.

On our web site we have a library with hundreds of different figures, categorized in 8 groups: Man, Women, Teen boy, Teen girl, Boy, Girl, Baby and More (e.g. symbols and pets).

Each client design their own unique decal = hundred thousands of combinations.

They can also enter their own label, e.g. The Smiths, Me and I, Keep distance!, Be happy!, Smile!, Family on board!, Our family.

Also we have a modern web site, fully responsive. Optimized for multi-device experiences (desktops, mobiles, tablets….).

Today the company is selling in three markets: USA, Sweden and Spain.

Original People offers a complete menu of services ranging from family stickers, image stickers to any kind of personalized high-quality stickers.Originally from Sweden, Original People provide totally unique and fun sticker decals allowing people to express their personality/image or to show their fab families.

The customers design their own personalized decal on a web site: they choose between hundreds of heads, bodies, pets and symbols to get their own personal “touch”. Often with their own individual label.

The stickers are completely die cut from a white, high-quality vinyl.

The decals can be applied on vehicles, portables, tablets, mailboxes, doors, glass walls etc.

  • It’s a growing trend that is here to stay.
  • Easy to sell, easy to work with, up-and-running in a few weeks.
  • With success comes an amazing profitability.