Cure Gourmande Franchise

Franchise in South Africa


Our Master Franchise Offer With The Price

Country Lisense Entry Fee:None
Length of contract:10 + 10 years
First Unit investment required:150,000 € Estimated

La Cure Gourmande is now operating in more than 10 countries. La Cure Gourmandehas been founded in 1989 to Balaruc-les-Bains in southern France. The initial idea of this confectionery, chocolate and biscuit factory was created to find the emotional feelings of the childhood through the products, assortments and boxes reviving old-fashion and traditional presentation from the beginning of the last century.

In order to get that passion, La Cure Gourmande has integrated the manufacture all of its products of biscuits, chocolate and confectionery and carton boxes to ensure quality and authenticity to its customers. The beautiful story of La Cure Gourmande was therefore built around the passion of being “biscuitier-sucrecuitier”.

In addition, to preserve La Cure Gourmande’s soul it was not possible to present the products outside its magical world. La Cure Gourmande’s products are sold exclusively in its shops. The beautiful story of La Cure Gourmande is fully expressed in its stores which bring back a warm human touch of those all times local shops by immersing guests in a world of sweetness and friendliness.

The Concept:

La Cure Gourmande tells a simple story, understood by the greatest number, thus retaining its clientele who by appropriating the concept becomes its best ambassador. The universe of this concept is poetic, this is the sense of the term where “gourmandises”, with pleasure, passion and emotion. It is also traditional by its range of products and timeless in its functioning and perception. It has three essential elements that make it universal: the gluttony, the emotional that makes each of us re-emerge our emotional inks, the pleasure of offering gifts.

The Production:

La Cure Gourmande has chosen to integrate and fully manage its production process, thus ensuring an irreproachable quality of its products both in the choice of the raw materials and in the manufacturing processes; with a constant improvement of these. This also allows the company to be in a permanent search for new products, one of the pledges of the dynamics of the concept.

The Retail experience:

Our boutiques must be places of wonder, where gluttony is exacerbated by the pleasure of the eyes. But beyond all this, we wish our clients a pleasant, unforgettable moment, imbued with the sweetness of affective anchoring, transported by the universe of La Cure Gourmande.