Cote Sushi Franchise

Franchise in South Africa


Our Master Franchise Offer With The Price

Country Master Entry Fee:180.000€
Length of contract:10 + 10 years
Master Royalties Fee:2,00%
First store investment required:(50 -100 m2)

Master Receivables

Franchise Fee/single unit:20.000€
Unit Royalty Fee:5% Revenues
Marketing/Advertising:1,00% Revenues

CôTéSUSHI brings you on the journey of the first Japanese who emigrated towards Peru.

We invite you to discover through our dishes the alliance of two cultures which made possible the birth of a colorful, spicy and tasty cuisine: The Nikkei cuisine Forerunner of Nikkei cuisine in France, we offer to our customers a large range of dishes. In addition of all traditional Japanese recipes (Sushi, Maki, Chirashi…), you will find in our menu more exclusive and original and not less tasty dishes.

for those who do not like fish, we elaborated a variety of hot dishes, all from Peruvian and Japanese inspiration (donburi, noodles, Quinoa). Our cold dishes (Ceviche, Tiradito, Tartare, Maki Samba) will seduce with their freshness and lightness, and the beauty of all the ingredients involved in their preparation.

With salted, sugared, or spiced tastes, we mix authenticity and originality to offer a large range of complete and tasty dishes. for our customers, we choose to offer quality before everything.

  • Sourcing – Our ingredients are first class ingredients, selected cautiously by our master chef. CôTéSUSHI is involved in ecofriendly fishing, which brings fish2fork to give us their label of eco-sustainability. you will not find any threatened species in our dishes.
  • Quality of our products – We try to give to our customers high quality products: Petrossian’s King-Crab and Salmon Heart, … All our dishes are prepared after the customer order in order to maximize the freshness of our products.

Cote Sushi proposes a takeaway, delivery and catering services.

CôTéSUSHI is a strong brand with an innovative concept, easily recognizable for all. It is necessary to build a visual identity which sticks well to our concept, and which stay uniform to all of our restaurants…

The Nikkei concept is easily seen in the architecture of our restaurants, as in our dishes. In our restaurant, you will find on one hand the Japanese culture defined by the sobriety of the space, and on the other the Peruvian culture, rich of an artisanal culture high in colors and patterns.